John David Hall

  • Born: 3 September 1943
  • Died: 4 October 2018

Johnny Hall Senior

The world became less interesting last week with the passing of my dad, a true character. We will all have our own memories of him but I’m sure most of our memories will involve fun and laughter. My dad went through life with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye which was infectious. Whether at work, at home, in the pub or on the park playing or managing his beloved football he had the ability to find humour in almost any situation. He was a a great dad to me and I could not have hoped for a better upbringing. He was hardworking, not just with his jobs and business but he also put thousands of hours into renovating his beloved Meadow Heys, both the house and gardens, and transformed it into a special home for himself and my beautiful mum. Always a farmer at heart, he always kept hens  (as well as pheasants and of course his fully trained peacock Percy) and was never too far from at least on pet dog, usually a Jack Russell He gave up work to look after my mum when she was taken poorly and looked after her for as long as he could at home. When the time came for her to go into a home he visited her every single day (along with Charlie the Jack Russell) until she sadly passed away a few short months ago. My dad suffered with ill health for the last few months but nevertheless maintained his sense of humour and mischievous ways to the very end. He thankfully died peacefully in his sleep, nodding off watching the darts on telly with Charlie by his side and never waking up, something that, in time, the family will take great comfort in, along with knowing that him and my mum weren’t apart for long. Finally I would like to thank Kerry and Sally for helping me keep my dad comfortable for the last few months as well as the friends who called round to see him or rang him up for a chat. You all helped keep him in good spirits until the very end (and we all usually ended up doing a little job for him!) Any donations please to go to the Alzheimer’s Society, as this is what my dad wanted in honour of my mum’s brave battle.