Kevin John Gauntlett

  • Born: 12 August 1964
  • Died: 11 October 2018

Kevin belonged to the mountains

"Some people live more in twenty years than others do in eighty. It's not the time that matters, it's the person," Dr Who, The Lazarus Experiment, (2007). Kevin lived his life authentically; he was true to himself and genuine in his way of being in the world. Kev's kindness towards others thorughout his lifetime brought people together. Kev's sense of humour was legendary as was his passion for Dr Who and The Prisoner. One of Kev's other passions was being outdoors, hiking, climbing, scrambling. Kevin led many hikes and scrambles in The Lake District, Peak District, Snowdonia and Scotland. He went to Everest twice and reached Base Camp both times. Kev's other love was music; he went to many many gigs - his all time favourite band was The Smiths. Kevin was brave in his fight against cancer; he was strong enough to show his real emotions and he faced death with enormous strength and pragmatism. Kevin was a wunique person, a gentle soul - the world is a less better place without him.