Dale Wootton

Born 6 March 1991, Bolton
Died 20 December 2018, Bolton

.Dale - Little Man

I can't say Dale was a perfect son because he could be a little shit to me at times but I loved him with all my heart. He was a thoughtful, caring person who would put himself out to help others. He cared deeply about his family and friends of which there were many, The outpouring of love I have received from so may people proved this.

We will all miss him deeply and he will be forever in our hearts.

Rest in Peace Dale, all my love Mum

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My darling fiancé I love you more than words can say, I miss you more and more each day...See more
Sally, Ella, Lewis and Joshua  03/01/2019

To daddy. I miss you more than anyone else. My mummy said your safe in a place called heaven...See more
Jodie and Mia.   03/01/2019

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I miss you every second of every hour of every day Dale...See more
JANE RUSHMORE  03/01/2019

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Funeral information

Funeral Service: Radcliffe Crematorium

Location of Funeral Service
Radcliffe Crematorium,Cemetery Road,M26 4EU,Radcliffe
Location of Reception
Little Lever Cricket Club,BL3 1JB

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