Antony Harvey McKee

  • Born: 8 July 1969
  • Died: 10 August 2019

In Memory of Tony McKee

Tony will be missed by everyone that knew him. He made a real difference to the lives of many people where he could. We will never forget him.
Bury Parish Church
21 August 2019 12:30
Silletts funeral service

About the funeral service for Antony Harvey McKee 

Date and time of the funeral 21/08/2019 12:30 Bury Parish Church

The service will be at Bury Parish Church on Wednesday 21 August at 12.30pm followed by committal at Radcliffe Crematorium at 1.30pm.

Location of Funeral Service

Bury Parish Church, The Rock, BL9 OAH, Bury

Location of Cremation

Radcliffe Crematorium, Cemetery Road, M26 4EU, Radcliffe

Location of Reception

Ainsworth Arms (Toby Carvery) , 465 Bury & Bolton Road, M26 4LJ, Radcliffe